MA Wedding Photographers

Professional wedding photographers Demetri & Mina
are a husband and wife team
based in Boston MA area. 

Getting married is one of the biggest days in life and the most important too. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that the wedding photographers you choose are every bit as engaged and enthralled with the process as you are. As boutique style wedding photographers we are able to do all the work ourselves. Every step, from shooting, to processing, to design is handled by us in house with exquisite care into every part of the wedding photo album. These are the memories that will last a lifetime and we are there to make sure your photos stand out and provide you with the artistic & quality images you deserve.

Every little girl dreams about her wedding. Every guy who takes the plunge just can’t wait to see his bride in that wedding dress and to get that ring on her finger. Weddings are magical events and they show off the tastes, elegance, and creativity of the couple. Passion is something that can’t be hidden. It lights up the faces and the lives of those it graces. We have passion as wedding photographers that will match the passion of your blooming marriage. Once in a lifetime means never again, and that means you must get it right the first time. We love what we do and we feel so lucky to have the chance to do it again and again. We treat every wedding with the special attention it deserves. We will be there to make sure every moment is documented as the beautiful rare jewel that it is.

Everyone has seen the unfortunate wedding couple that was forced to stand stiffly with a frozen smile on their faces while the photographer shouted, “Just one more!” If you are looking for a beautiful and spontaneous wedding picture that captures just who you are, you need to check out our gallery of fabulous and real-to-life wedding shots. Rather than make you do what we want, we follow your actions on your big day and present them artfully for you to remember for years to come. We believe the bride looks beautiful smiling shyly at her groom or glancing in the mirror.



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